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The ultimate in measuring devices is here! Measure any object, surface, and distance in the most accurate way possible - without so much hassle. The 3-in-1 Measure King.

This ingenious all-in-one device measures in precision in three different ways:

  1. Line Tape Mode: Use this for traditional measurements just like your regular measuring tape. Ideal for body and vital statistics measurements, or for measuring object with simple curves and corners. 
  2. Rolling Track Mode: This allows you to measure curved surfaces and irregularly-shaped objects by simply rolling the device unto the surface. You can measure up to 999 inches in this mode. 
  3. Laser Positioning Mode: Measure wide/elongated rooms or even long distances via Laser beams. Ideal for big construction sites.

A product approved by professionals, and built on contractor standards, it is packed with features for easy & convenient measurements

  • Digital LED Display
  • Built-in memory storage
  • Easy toggle between standard & metric units
  • Heavy-duty built

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