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SINK right into these SOFT memory foam cushions the next time you get in your car. 

ComfyDrive™ is an ergonomically designed cushion with the finest workmanship to get you from point A to point B in maximum comfort. It's very useful for those that drive every day. The cushion adds great lumbar support to your spine, keeping your posture correct. The soft neck pillow contains memory foam protecting your neck from strenuous positions; also providing relief. 


  • Patented ergonomic streamlining for comfort driving, promotes blood circulation, relieves lower back pain, numbness and reduces slouching

  • High-quality malleable memory foam molds perfectly to your back and neck for maximum comfort support while driving.

  • Promotes healthy driving posture and spine alignment, helps ease back pain from sitting in car seats with inadequate lumbar support.

  • Machine-washable & removable breathable mesh cover.


  • Colors: Black/Beige/Grey
  • Size:27*24*10,46*45*15
  • Material: Memory cotton, polyester fiber


Package Include:

  • Package includes: 1*Cushion+1*Neck Pillow

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