Hidden Scripture Necklace (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)

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Sharing God's love...

This gorgeous necklace will catch eyes - but only you will know the powerful message it contains! Look into the globe with your smartphone, and the magnification will reveal John 3:16! The nano-carving technology allows you to read the micro-engraved verse or even shine it on a wall!

  • Features JOHN 3:16 in engraved through nano micro-carving. You can see it through every standard camera/smartphone lens! 
  • Simple, Elegant 16" Chain and a charming 925 Silver Pendant
  • Environmentally friendly material | Lead-Free & Nickle-Free
  • Makes a beautiful gift for any woman with Faith

Limited Stock Available

*** This product is exclusive to LOOTZEN and not found anywhere else! ***


  1. Turn the flashlight/video light on with your camera or smartphone
  2. Place the globe up to your camera lens
  3. For projecting onto a wall, flip the globe over and shine the light through it

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